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Michael Lofton Live on Drums

A drummer (past guitarist) – Rock, Blues, Jazz [twisted whenever possible, please]

(grew up playing guitar but picked-up traps in the late ’90s)



Building Your Own Drum, Cocktail Kit (how I did it)

Building a cocktail drum set (aka: knock-down kit) is fairly easy by using your existing drum set while achieving such a very small investment.

In this example, I wanted to keep my existing drums yet eliminating the need to bring my kick drum and two upper tom drums to a smaller gig… Taking only my; snare, high-hat, crash and ride cymbals, and the floor tom… eg., a ‘cocktail’ sized gig drum set.

Oh, I also didn’t want a ‘stand up’ kit. I prefer to take the drum throne and sit during gigs. Standing up while managing the kick and the high hat may look interesting but it’s a chore. Realizing many cocktail kits use only a kick, making standing up an option.

Here’s what I did to create the cocktail kit… (a walkthrough)

Oh, I’m further keeping my YouTube Channel (somewhat) updated… It has numerous other music (and other) references,

A list of my [Michael Lofton’s] previous bands includes…

Altadena/Pasadena, CA. (my birthplace)

  • The Turning Point, 1966, with me on the left, along w/ M. Cusic, R. Bigalow, T. Gage.
    I played guitar back then.
    Facebook thread pursuant to such (click image below)

  • Then in 1968, Green Bread, myself on guitar, along with w/ M.Porter, L. (Lonnie) Roland Vazquez, Chris F.
    We were the battle of the band’s high-school winner!…
    Facebook thread pursuant to such (click image below)

After moving to Durango, Colorado (1988 – 2013), I played drums with…

  • The Jazz band, Furniture, with Paul Karmazian on violin, Brandt Leeper on keys, Michael Freeman on trumpet
    Brandt Leeper, btw, went on to play on tour with Coco Montoya. Paul and Michael were professional musicians as well.
  • Twisted Rock Jazz songs by, Points Beyond, duo w/ Thom Rader
  • Twisted Rock Jazz songs by, FOAM w/ Thom Rader, Linda Baker
    Here’s FOAM’s YouTube video (click to launch on this page)

  •  Jazz, Turtle Spitz, w/ Thom Rader, Tim Wilson and Linda Baker

  • Lake Havasu City, Arizona (2014- 2017)
    w/ Ron Faranow, Dave (Music Man) and James Snyder
  • Nashua/Manchester, New Hampshire (2017 – current)
    So many great and numerous Jazz, Rock, and Blues Jams with tons of great players!

Currently a hired-gun drummer for many bands and host drummer for jams, inclusive of jams I’ve hosted myself for many years.

Other artistic ventures, include…

– Political Art – (my associate) Jeff Madeen w/ Blo Back Gallery in Pueblo, CO

Rock On!