Richard Marx

ed. notes

October of 1991, Richard Marx’s management got a hold of me with the request to assist with a private aircraft, which would provide a means of moving their band, sound & lights members, and management across the country (USA) to achieve a world record of the most concerts in one day with the greatest distance from east to west coast.

Oooo, it was a nice challenge Indeed. I secured the required aircraft (a modified DC-8 back then) for their request and went about arranging the details needed to pull-it-off.

Early morning on November 09th 1991 Washington DC, Marx launched. Hitting the road early in conjunction with the release of his third album, “Rush Street”. He performed a rather early (by rock standards) gig in DC prior to his record breaking venture.

I worked with a buddy of mine, Mick Angus, AR fellow @ Capitol Records and my associates at MGM Grand Air, and subsequently enjoyed witnessing a newsworthy achievement (at that time).

Termed the ‘Plug-and-Play’ – as the band just showed-up and plugged-in their instruments and jammed… did a quick PR faq and then off to the next gig.

I forgot how long each gig had to be, but I believe it had to meet a minimum of time on the stage to qualify as a concert. Itinerary in U.S. was… DC, NY, Toronto, Chicago, LA (simple, yet powerful)

Flying westward, we were able to gain some hours in order to complete this agenda, inclusive of all of his flight times, gigs, interviews and ground time to move to and from airport.

Heck of way to promote your recent record release, eh?

I was a fortunate man to had taken part, indeed!